“Lise Moorcroft has never needed to make mention of her illustrious Grandfather and Father. Her fascinating studio pots do all the talking for her”. Eric Knowles, Antiques Expert and Writer

Lise is the fourth generation of the Moorcroft dynasty; great granddaughter of Thomas Moorcroft, granddaughter of factory founder William Moorcroft and daughter of Walter Moorcroft OBE.  The family situated their famous factory in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent in August 1913 and were involved in it s operations until 1987.

Lise studied at London’s Central School of Art and Design, graduating with honours before setting up an independent studio in Stoke, continuing the traditions favoured by her illustrious forebears yet adding her individual flair.

Eric Knowles, antiques expert and writer, has followed Lise’s work since the beginning. He recently commented; “Lise Moorcroft has never needed to make mention of her illustrious Grandfather and Father. Her fascinating studio pots do all the talking for her”.

Lise’s designs, (predominantly derived from nature and local environs), are sketched ‘freestyle’ in pencil onto the clay making every piece a unique, one off bespoke piece of art. It is then tube-lined onto the surface with coloured slip followed by several firings, possibly up to ten. Firstly bisque then numerous applications of under glaze, hand painted glazes and lustres.  Using this method enables her to build up the colours over many firings so Lise can achieve the deep colour and texture intensity on the surface. Some pieces then being enhanced further by precious metal foils, gilding the surface which is then sealed to protect it.  On the base of each piece Lise carves her signature into the body guaranteeing authenticity.

Commissioned pieces can make the piece even more individual using specific designs or points of reference which are particularly personal to someone; whether that would be a date carved into the bottom, or using the flowers from a bouquet to create a design; many requests have been made and nearly all are possible!

For those with an eye for a modern masterpiece Lise’s craft is destined to become a treasured heirloom.  Her works grace the homes of many celebrities and surely will one day take their place alongside the works of her father, grandfather and great grandfather.

Lise has been making/producing her work since the mid eighties, developing her style over the years, but keeping to the family traditions of hand made, tubelined ceramics.

Her father Walter, was her biggest critic and mentor, saying that Lise was the only true Moorcroft Potter as she designed and made her work, whereas he and his father William Moorcroft designed, having the ceramics produced in the factory by the work force.

Lise exhibited her work once or twice a year, being restricted by the time a body of work took to make up a show. Galleries throughout the U.K. Yorkshire to Cornwall, the Midlands, East Anglia, Canterbury and several galleries in and around London including a display in the V&A museum shop as an exhibited artist.

Lise has had her work purchased from all corners of the globe, from America to Australia and many places in between.

With a young family in the late 90’s early 2000, production slowed down, children taking precedence. A select number of pieces were still produced with a slightly more commercial feel, which were placed in carefully chosen retail outlets. Commissioned work also, personal and corporate would take up what little time was available.

Almost twenty years down the line, Lise is now producing some of her finest work. Designing and producing bespoke pieces for the individual and gallery alike. A unique piece of work for the modern collector, indeed her work fits in well with the more classical and traditional styles, enriching any collection of original artwork.